All burgers are served on a whole wheat bun with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and sliced pickle and  served with choice of salad or fries or soup or Caesar.

To substitute chowder - add 1.00
to substitute Greek salad or Yam fries - add 2.00

Cove Beef Burger - 13.75

grilled 1/3 lb beef patty topped with cheddar cheese

Vegetarian Burger - 13.75

baked veggie patty topped with cheddar cheese

Chicken Burger - 13.75

grilled 5oz chicken breast topped with swiss cheese

Mushroom Burger - 14.75

fire grilled beef patty topped with sauteed mushrooms

Poached Halibut Burger - 16.75

halibut filet poached in white wine & lemon with
tartar sauce on the bun


Grilled Salmon Burger 16.50

grilled 5oz wild salmon filet  topped with parmesan with herb dill dressing on the bun